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Composite fillings are used to replace parts of teeth that have been damaged by decay or other trauma. They are made with synthetic composite resin (plastic) material and is shaped to resemble the natural tooth and cured with a special light. 

The amazing thing about this material is that it not only looks like a natural tooth but it is strong and will function like one too. Schedule an appointment today to keep your smile glowing with excellent tooth repair.

Your Smile Deserves The Best

Here at Cornerstone Dental, we understand just how important your smile is to you, which is why we confidently offer composite fillings as a top dental restoration method. Most of the time we are able to catch tooth decay early on allowing us to repair it in as little as a single visit with modern techniques and tools. Our team takes pride in helping you maintain a healthy smile you are truly proud of!

Pros of Choosing

Composite Fillings

  • Maintains natural tooth color
  • A modern technique to repair teeth
  • Replaces decay
  • Teeth can be repaired in a single dental appointment

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