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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in your teeth and other bones. It contributes to making them stronger and protects your teeth against decay and plaque build up. This makes it very important to know that your teeth are getting the right amount of fluoride to keep them healthy and strong.

Our Cornerstone team is dedicated to ensuring that your teeth are well taken care of and administer fluoride treatments in the most safe and professional manner.

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Fluoride At Every Age

Tooth decay is a health problem throughout your life which is why we do everything we can to prevent it and fluoride is just one tool that helps us do so. Studies show that everyone from children to senior citizens benefit from fluoride treatments. By properly treating your teeth with fluoride, we can greatly reduce the amount of tooth decay. 

What Fluoride Treatments

Are Available?

  • Natural approach: This often includes drinking water rich in fluoride. For many people this is enough to help their teeth be well protected.
  • Basic Tooth Cleaning Products: Many toothpastes and mouthwashes have fluoride in them. That way while cleaning your teeth everyday they get an extra coat of fluoride. 
  • Prescription Fluoride Products: If you regularly get cavities your dentist may prescribe a special fluoride mouthwash or gel so that your teeth receive greater protection from the extra fluoride. 
  • For more options, ask your dentist!

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