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Many of our patients ask if x-rays are safe and we want to assure you that, YES, dental x-rays are safe. They use very small amounts of radiation to take and we go the extra mile to ensure safety by using a lead apron. This apron is placed over the patient’s body during the x-rays, acting as an extra layer of security and providing you with the peace of mind you need. 

Our team here at Cornerstone Dental in South Jordan always does everything we can to ensure you are safe during treatments and procedures! Visit us across from Westminster Institute to start benefiting from safe dental x-rays today!

Why Choose Dental X-Rays?

Cornerstone Dental recommends patients get dental x-rays every 6 to 18 months depending on your individual situation. X-rays help us get a closer look at what is going on inside of your mouth. Through x-rays, we are able to gain a clear image of the tooth structure, between the teeth, the roots of the teeth, and the jawbone, that we can not see as detailed otherwise.

Facts About Dental


  • Help dentists find cavities
  • Evaluate the health of the tooth roots
  • Diagnostic tool to help dentists
  • They show a high level of detail of the tooth
  • The x-ray equipment we use today is more efficient and safer to use than ever before

Put your smile first and ask about dental x-rays today!

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